Tom Adamczyk


Tom Adamczyk

Farmer & Managing Partner

As a portfolio manager and entrepreneur, Tom identified a category which marries traditional agriculture and technology to solve many critical problems within the food system.  With a background in business investment and capital markets, Tom set out to discover investment opportunities designed to bring controlled environment agriculture to large scale production.  Dissatisfied with the investment opportunities that existed, Planted was established to build a vertical farm business from scratch. With a vision for large scale production, virtual restaurants, direct-to-consumer produce delivery, and more, Tom partnered with Kimberly to assemble a team with multi-faceted backgrounds in order to bring controlled environment agriculture to Detroit.  Tom has a BBA from the Ross School of Business, performed dozens of middle market and large private transaction valuations while at Stout (formerly Stout Risius Ross), and currently manages private-client investment portfolios through Davis Street Advisors, hedge-fund trading activities through Rosedale Investments, and venture capital investments through Coventry. Tom enjoys spending time with his wife and four children, coaching athletics, and all things outdoors.

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