About Us

Planted Detroit’s story begins with curiosity. We wondered: is there a better way to tie together the worlds of technology and farming? The fast-paced, rapidly expanding world of tech can seem like the complete opposite of the ancient practices of traditional agriculture — but our team knows better. At Planted Detroit, we view the advances of modern science and the wisdom of centuries of farming as partners in creating better, safer, cleaner food systems that can feed the world of tomorrow. We believe that controlled environment agriculture is a necessary component in bringing fresh, locally sourced produce to our communities on a consistent, year-round basis.


Planted Detroit is defined by its people. Our diverse team of universally passionate individuals have come together under one roof with a common goal: to challenge the status quo of the existing food system. We generate new ideas by facilitating discussion among our uniquely knowledgeable team, and our approach of incentivizing our people to work together creates a fun and productive work environment.

Meet the Leadership Team

Tom Adamczyk

Kelly Sharpe

Meg Burritt

Kai Misner

Simon Yevzelman

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