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Paradise Valley Salad

In celebration of Black History Month, we’ve teamed up with Chef Ederique Goudia to bring you the Paradise Valley Salad. Inspired by the flavors of her Louisiana roots, Chef E’s salad reflects the energy of the Paradise Valley neighborhood, a once thriving hub of black culture that drew Southern black artists to Detroit.

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Paradise Valley Nutritional Information

Planted Detroit Ingredients: red russian kale, blue scotch kale, lacinato kale, romaine, arugula microgreens

Toppings: sweet potato chips, vegan blue cheese, dried cranberries, pickled pears

Dressing: Tabasco Vinaigrette by Chef Ederique Goudia

Dressing Ingredients: avocado oil, champagne vinegar, tabasco, dijon mustard, cinnamon, granulated sugar, kosher salt

Nutrients: Vitamin A, vitamin K, vitamin C, vitamin B complex, magnesium, calcium, folate

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