About Us

Planted Detroit is a controlled environment agriculture (CEA) farm, rooted in the fast-growing East Side of the city. We’re growing clean, fresh, sustainable produce that fuels our foodshed, while working collaboratively to solve problems for the future of farming.

Our goal is to challenge the status quo of the existing food system. We grow creative ideas among our uniquely knowledgeable team, and our people-centric approach creates a fun and productive work environment. We are driven by curiosity and passion to produce better, cleaner food with less waste.

How We Grow

Planted Detroit is a vertical hydroponic indoor farm in the heart of the city. Our farm uses sustainably produced grow media, and our plants are fed through a water-based solution that supplies all of the nutrients they need. We have multiplied the farm’s productivity exponentially, without the use of pesticides or herbicides, by growing vertically year-round in purpose-built, climate-controlled rooms inside our renovated warehouse.

Using a combination of tried-and-true technologies and some old-fashioned Detroit ingenuity, we have developed our own hydroponic systems in house to maximize our productivity and reduce our water waste. Because we grow indoors, we must substitute the light and heat of the sun with technology. The lights at our farm use a targeted spectrum that give our plants exactly what they need to flourish. We can even control the taste profile of our produce by adjusting the lights!

Our high-tech solutions, developed for our farm’s precisely controlled environment, promise to deliver cleaner food than conventional soil-based agriculture. We test regularly for foodborne pathogens using in-house and third-party laboratories, setting the standard for indoor farming.

At Planted Detroit, we strive to be mindful of our resource usage for the future of the planet. We utilize innovative technologies in unique ways to stay on the cutting edge of indoor farming. Our intent is to supplement our local food system in new ways by producing healthy, clean food in Detroit, 365 days a year, rain or shine.

What’s Growing at Planted Detroit


We love growing a variety of flavorful, strong, healthy herbs. What could be better than local, freshly harvested herbs, even in the middle of a midwestern winter? Our current herb offerings include mint, basil, cilantro, flat leaf parsley, dill, and shiso.


We are currently growing arugula, mizuna, tatsoi, mustard frills, and a gourmet mix of baby greens in our grow systems. Our clean, flavor-packed greens are always grown without pesticides or herbicides, with both your health and the planet’s health in mind.


Our microgreens might be small, but they pack a macro punch. These specialty mini greens can be used in any dish to add color, visual interest and a pop of concentrated flavor. Currently we are growing mizuna, red radish, cilantro, shiso, daikon, and basil microgreens, alongside tender and flavorful pea shoots, sunflower shoots, and buckwheat.


Our goal at Planted Detroit is to grow exactly what you want to buy, locally, sustainably and year round. We’re open to trying unique crops, new growing systems and anything else that might solve a bottleneck in our local food system. Please give us a call to talk about what you’d like to see Planted Detroit growing this year.

What Inspires Us

Creative Commons Licensed Photo by Vicki Couchman / Bond via https://www.flickr.com/photos/128562052@N03/

“We can and must respond creatively to the triple crisis and simultaneously overcome dehumanization, economic inequality, and, ecological catastrophe.”

Creative Commons Licensed Photo by Lou Stejskal via https://www.flickr.com/photos/loustejskal/

“Modern agriculture has thoroughly separated the agri from the culture. They’ve killed the meaning of the word—bifurcated it, completely, in just the last thirty or so years.” 

– Dan Barber

Creative Commons Licensed Photo by Tedx Manhattan via https://www.flickr.com/photos/tedxmanhattan/

“It’s time for the world to realize that farmers and the natural environment are not obstacles to sustainable growth, but preconditions for it.”

Creative Commons Licensed Photo by Tomo Saito via https://www.flickr.com/photos/crackitbaby/

“The general public, when they hear greenhouse gas emissions and climate change, their eyes glaze over, it feels so big and detached from their lives…. But food is one of those ways to tell this story in a way people can really relate to — and, ultimately, in a way people can incorporate, and become an actor in the solution over time.”

– Sam Kass

Why Planted Detroit?


Planted Detroit’s vertical hydroponic growing system is more efficient and less resource-intensive than traditional soil farming. And by farming closer to the eater, we reduce our food miles and carbon footprint significantly.


Planted Detroit creates opportunities for employment in our underserved East Side neighborhoods. We take pride in growing good food within the city limits of Detroit, feeding our neighbors with produce from right around the corner.


Because Planted Detroit grows indoors, we can seed, plant, transfer and harvest literally 365 days a year, without the use of pesticides or herbicides. We keep growing, rain or shine or snow, perfecting our craft in our specially-built, clean, climate-controlled environment.


“It’s always a hard business, what we do. Occasionally you find vendors that make your life easier. I was extremely lucky and fortunate to find Planted in Detroit. A lot of produce companies treat greens as a product that they can tack on to orders to increase revenue, and are okay with treating them like a wayward sack of potatoes, but with Planted I found a vendor that treats what ultimately is the necessary asset to any high level dish with the thoughtfulness and caring that I apply to every dish I create. That, with amazing customer service and ability to adapt, coupled with great digital billing, makes Planted the only vendor I use for greens in Detroit.”

– Chef Petro Drakopoulos

Brujo, Republic Tavern, and others

I have been using Planted since day one! The quality of the product is amazing. The flavor of the micro products is right on and adds a fresh component to all the dishes I serve. The ability of the Planted staff to grow  a micro mint for me was a game changer! Planted has my business for any micro green or herb needs for sure!

Chef Jim Churches

Corporate Executive Chef
Land O Lakes US Dairy Foods