People of Planted: Kelly Sharpe

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What happens when you have a horticulturalist who is as good with people as she is with plants? You get Kelly Sharpe, Leader of Plant Health and Employee Success! Kelly joined the Planted team in September of 2018 and helped get us on the path that led to today, when we’re producing the tastiest greens we’ve ever grown. Kelly’s range of responsibilities at the farm keep her on her toes! Her day-to-day could involve hiring new staff, planning the next month’s R & D, helping the production team complete a harvest, sitting in on employee reviews, and giving house plant care tips to anyone who asks!

When she’s not speed-walking from one task to the next, she’s enjoying a nice apple and peanut butter snack (honeycrisp apple and crunchy PB, of course), leading an afternoon yoga session for the staff, trying to decide if she’s going to adopt a kitten, or heading out for a weekend of ultimate soccer mom-ing for Teagan & Cullen. When asked what her favorite part about working at Planted is, she replied, “The people.” What more could we ask for in a Leader of Employee Success?

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