Our large order options are designed to feed your office, fuel your rec soccer team, and will keep your fridge stocked for the inevitable raid at the end of a night out.

Grower’s Dozen - 12 Salads - $150 (Save $18)

This bundle contains: 3 Belle Isle Salads, 3 Greektown Salads, 2 Southwest Salads, 2 Conner Creek Salads, and 2 Morningside Salads


Supersized Salad Sampler - 25 Salads - $300 (Save $50)

This bundle contains: 5 Belle Isle Salads, 5 Greektown Salads, 5 Southwest Salads, 5 Conner Creek Salads, and 5 Morningside Salads

To place a large, custom salad order, please contact us at least 48 hours in advance. See our full salad line up in our shop.

“Locally grown salads are the new orange slices”
-Kelly, our resident soccer mom

Southwest Salad Morningside Salad