Our Story


It started with curiosity. We asked: Is it possible to make farming more efficient so communities can source fresh produce locally, on a year round basis? Even somewhere winter can be as long as 6 months?

The fast-paced, rapidly expanding world of technology can feel like the opposite of traditional agriculture practices. At Planted Detroit, we believe technology and farming are a perfect match. We’ve gathered a team of uniquely talented individuals to bring them together to sustainably grow tastier, healthier, and more accessible greens.

We’re defined by our people. A horticulturalist, a videographer, and a line cook walk into a room…to some it might sound like a bad joke that’s just getting started, but the diversity of our experiences is our greatest asset. That diversity has been critical in our ability to make changes, expand our offerings, and get to the root of the problems we’re trying to solve.

We’re trying to change the way the food system works. It’s broken and we want to redesign it. Leafy greens that get slimy after two days in the fridge are a result of a supply chain that’s focused on quantity, not quality. Shipped produce can spend over a week in transit, traveling up to 1500 miles before it reaches the grocery store, so it’s no surprise the shelf life is short.

At Planted Detroit, we’re shortening the supply chain. We harvest our greens every day, package mixes, micros and ready-to-eat salads to order, and deliver them ourselves, right to your door. We never sell any product that’s more than 6 days from harvest and are actively working to reduce food insecurity in our community by donating our leftovers, so even the greens we’re giving away are days fresher than what you can buy in the store.

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