Our Team


Everybody’s gotta be doing something.

Photos coming soon for...

  • Dana Bacon, Horticulture Technician
  • Matthew Bear, Environmental Plant Specialist
  • Amy Bednarchik, General Manager of Operations
  • Kyle Brown, Data Manager
  • Rena Buford, Hydroponic Systems Technician
  • Jo Burke, Hydroponics Systems Technician
  • Joseph Clark, Horticultural Lead
  • Annika Clemens, PR & Marketing Manager
  • Katrina Cotton, HR Manager
  • McKenzie Crevier, Harvest Technician
  • Marc Davenport, Delivery Driver Lead
  • Devin Davis, Hydroponics Systems Technician
  • Andrew Ebert, CEA Project Manager
  • Xavier Finley, Delivery Driver Lead
  • Aiesha Heard, Farm Technician
  • Liz Heitzman, Administrative Coordinator
  • Kyu Hur, Developer
  • Ophelia Joseph, Processing Technician
  • Tatum Kenrick, Research & Development Lead
  • Yiona Khaleque, Farmers Market Assistant
  • Miles Lindsey, Moves Technician
  • Joel Maljak, Delivery Driver
  • Matthew Obrien, Processing Lead
  • Nicholas Overholt, Seed Lead
  • Alex Reddy, Customer Service & Markets Specialist
  • Kevin Reeves, Farm Technician
  • Gabi Reni, Hydroponics Systems Lead
  • Derek Staples, Delivery Driver + Farm Technician
  • Boogie Troost, Account Manager
  • James Underwood III, Sanitation Technician
  • Michael Ursu, Talent Management Coordinator
  • Ethan Van Gorder, Food Safety Lead
  • Zachary Varela, CEA Technology Design & Developer
  • Corey Wellik, Harvest Technician