Exciting Update from Tom Adamczyk, CEO and Founder, Planted Detroit

“Success is not final. Failure is not fatal. It’s the courage to continue that counts.”
  - Winston Churchill

Over the past 5 years Planted Detroit has experienced many successes. We have also encountered set backs and failures. Most importantly we keep pushing forward to ensure Michiganders have access to flavorful, nutrient-dense, high quality greens grown in a food safe environment.

The past several months we have been hard at work identifying ways to keep growing. We are extremely grateful and excited to share a few updates.

Our Community - When we temporarily shut down this past summer, an outpouring of support from the community revealed our WHY. Why to keep fighting, why to keep pushing, why to keep growing. If you wrote, if you emailed, if you verbally expressed your LOVE for Planted Detroit, THANK YOU.

Our Partners - We were 100% vertically integrated: growing greens, building salads, and buzzing refrigerated trucks around Metro Detroit. We needed partners so we could focus on our core competency - growing beautiful, fresh products. Thank you Lipari Foods & JLM Manufacturing, Cindy’s Kitchen Dressing, Carmela Foods, Meijer, University of Michigan, and Fulflld for partnering with us on our journey! We are certain there will be even more relationships to come.

Our Planted Team - We appreciate the time, knowledge, and dedication of our past employees. We are especially thankful for our small team who has remained committed and steadfast to turn the business around over the last several months. We PLANTED a new SEED and are ready to GROW!

We are excited to introduce our new salad bowls as we embark upon a FRESH start! We have five new salads we cannot wait for you to try - delivered right to your doorstep (first deliveries Friday, January 5th & every Wednesday thereafter). What better way to start your new year!

Introducing the Starting Line Up for 2024
The FAB 5 Salad Bowls

Pearled Couscous Salad Bowl

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year from the Planted Team!

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