People of Planted: Kat Randolph

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Meet Kat Randolph! At Planted, Kat’s our #1 delivery driver (if you’ve ever ordered from us, Kat was likely the one to deliver your greens!). Kat’s been on the team for over 2 years so she knows her way around the farm- when she’s not on the road, she’s working as a farm technician helping to seed, feed, or harvest our plants to get them ready for her deliveries!

Kat is an amazing mom to Makayla, Orlando, and 2 dogs (who all have a “mind of their own”) so it’s no wonder she loves a restful night’s sleep (be more relatable, Kat!) and sitting by the water to relax. A fan of any flavor of taco and french toast for breakfast, she wants to travel all over the world to see and experience as much as possible. Kat’s always up for trying something new, lending a helping hand, and sharing a good laugh. Her favorite part of working at Planted is that “you can be yourself”. We’re so glad to have Kat on the team and on the road!

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