The All New Southwest

As we update the recipes of our existing offerings, we want to make sure we clue you into why we’re doing what we’re doing...ya know?

We’ll be the first ones to admit...we loved the Southwest salad. We went back and forth about changing the recipe, to help increase shelf life (and reduce waste!), and leaving it as-is, avocado and all. One of the major benefits of growing food in a controlled environment like ours is that the greens stay fresh long after harvest. Ultimately, we knew that putting a product on the shelves that was only fresh for one day just didn’t make sense for the greens, our team, or why we grow the way we do.

Over the past month and a half, our Culinary team has developed and tasted (no complaints there!) many iterations of the Southwest salad sans avocado. We tried new greens mixes, new toppings, and even tried out a couple of new names. Perhaps the best thing to come out of the journey to a new recipe is a partnership with Aunt Nee’s, a tortilla chip, salsa, and guacamole manufacturer who has the best locally-made tortilla chips you can get in Detroit (trust us- we tried them all!). The new recipe features some spectacular crunch from those chips, as well as other new Southwest-inspired toppings, and even more cilantro than before.


Southwest Salad now featuring:

Planted Detroit grown greens: lacinato kale, red russian kale, blue scotch kale, romaine, sorrel, pea shoots, cilantro. Toppings: cherry tomatoes, black beans, hominy, pepitas, green onions, red onion, tri-color bell peppers, radishes, and tortilla chips by Aunt Nee’s. Dressing: Southwest Vinaigrette by Drench.


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